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Just getting started with Silverbear 365, have new team members, or simply adding new modules and functionality?  Silverbear's training support will help you fully harness your membership management system now and in the future. Training is available through a series of workshops, regular webinars, bespoke courses, and now a personalised Learning Management System (LMS).



Silverbear's Learning Management System (LMS)

The new Learning offering is designed to provide a learning portal and access to training courses and learning on-demand. The Silverbear LMS is feature rich, customisable and endlessly expandable, just like your Silverbear 365 system. Silverbear learners will have access to their own personalised learning pathways showing only relevant courses to them either on an individual or a team basis.

Silverbear's LMS Key Features

•    Dedicated Learning Management portal comprising standard Silverbear 365 content and client training recordings.
•    Customised learning pathways for individual users or teams.
•    Client instructor access for client personnel allowing them to create and configure their own courses.
•    Full oversight of learners’ progress accessible by learners, client instructors, and Silverbear trainers.

Silverbear's LMS Pricing

•    £169 per month for up to 100 users.
•    Custom pricing available for 100+ user access.

Fee's include:
•    Setup, and annual maintenance.
•    Configuration of new features.
•    Continual uploads of client training courses.
•    Regular updates.
•    Please note LMS currently only available for UCI navigation.

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Silverbear's Workshops

Silverbear 365 training workshops are designed to help your users maximise the potential of their membership management system. We run full-day workshops for small groups that are focused on the key skills and techniques needed to understand your data and gain key insights about your membership. 


•    Each group will consist of a maximum of 8 attendees.
•    Workshops will be available for both Silverbear 365 and on-premises versions of the system.
•    Dedicated sessions can be arranged for your organisation if required.
•    We can also deliver bespoke training content solely for your organisation.

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