Marketing Automation

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Marketing automation

Engage your members with meaningful, personalised communications. Automate campaigns and track the impact of your communications activity with powerful digital tools. Ensure you get the right message to the right people at the right time, every time.

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Member journeys

As your members’ journey evolves, so should your approach to communicating with them. Ensure that what you say is relevant and how you say it is meaningful. By using Silverbear 365 you can tailor every message and conversation, helping you to deliver sincere and valuable resources and services to all of your stakeholders.


Targeting your message and responding to the precise needs of your consitutents is at the heart of a high quality communications strategy. With Silverbear you can discover what is interesting and relevant to your members and make sure everything you share with them is focused and valuable. By using state of the art marketing tools in Dynamics 365, you can group your members into multiple segments and truly target your campaigns.


Silverbear’s approach to member management means you can deliver a comprehensive range of marketing solutions from a single platform. Drawing on best-in-class technology, we offer integrations to the latest tools to help you reach each and every stakeholder with personalised communications. Our platform has been designed to integrate with the world’s leading email and marketing tools so that communicating has never been easier.

The additional functionality from Microsoft Social Engagement now means that you can have a full picture of the online conversations relevant to your membership and industry.

Carl Grieves

Silverbear Chief Executive Officer

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