2023/24 Digital Excellence Report reveals Microsoft Dynamics still on top

DateOctober 2023

Doesn’t it feel great, that feeling of picking a winner?

That’s how we feel each time MemberWise’s Digital Excellence Report is launched. And it was no different when the 2023/24 installment was unveiled at this year’s Membership Excellence (MEMX) event on Thursday 19 October.

So why, then, are we feeling a little pleased with ourselves?

The key to the best membership management system

The answer is Microsoft Dynamics, of course. And it seems the membership sector agrees, too.

When it comes to membership management systems (MMS), Microsoft Dynamics was the most widely used with a sector average market share of 28 per cent – and a market share of 38 per cent amongst the large organisations that use it.

Salesforce, which came second, wasn’t even close with a sector average market share of 12 per cent – and 18 per cent amongst the large organisations.

This tells us that when it comes to membership management software – or member CRM, as it’s still often referred to – Microsoft Dynamics offers the best system functionality for membership organisations.

Two out of three ain’t bad

And if that alone wasn’t enough, two products under ClearCourse Membership Services – featured in the top three category as the largest suppliers of Microsoft Dynamics association management software to the sector.

So, not only are we using the most preferred platform when it comes to membership management services, but two of our products are the preferred suppliers of this technology, too.

Yes, this year’s MEMX was a good day – for ClearCourse, Microsoft Dynamics, and, of course, the membership sector as a whole.

No stroke of luck

Microsoft Dynamics’ leading market position wasn’t really that much of a surprise.  After all, picking the winner in this instance wasn’t about luck. It was about knowing the product and understanding its full capabilities in the context of membership management.

In our view, Microsoft Dynamics' functionality and adaptability are second to none, and it has enabled ClearCourse Membership Services to create the industry’s best membership management platforms that speak directly to associations, trade unions, and professional bodies.

However, making the top three is one thing. Staying there is another. This is why we work towards ensuring our clients continue to reap the many rewards associated with using Microsoft Dynamics for membership organisations.

And, of course, if we make it into the 2024/25 edition of the Digital Excellence Report, then even better.


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