Looking forward, plans and objectives for 2022

DateJanuary 2022

Author: Carl Grieves, Division Director  

Happy New Year to all our teams, customers, and partners!

The programme of strategic work to operationally improve Silverbear through 2020 and 2021 has excitingly now led us to a place in 2022 where we are proud to combine forces with two additional leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners in the sector, and fellow members of the ClearCourse Membership Services group of companies; Felinesoft and Trillium.

Felinesoft, Silverbear, and Trillium deliver Dynamics 365, websites, portals, and Apps, and therefore it makes sense to align the operational aspects of each organisation in order to create a stronger business and provide innovative and compelling solutions to all of our customers.

Our objective is to implement some common approaches and practices within the three businesses to improve the ways we work and to allow us to provide service excellence to our customers. With ClearCourse support, we are also now able to accelerate our plans for talent retention and recruitment. As we are now operationally one of the largest Microsoft Dynamics partners in the UK and Ireland, and the leading partner to the non-profit sector, we are able to excel in team engagement and career pathways for all people.

For you, our customers, some of the 2022 objectives we will achieve, are:

·       A compelling roadmap for each brand, co-created with our customers

·       On-demand data-driven insights and predictive analytics

·       Digital agency services (website and app development) for all customers

·       Clearly defined and always available product definition tutorials to empower our customers and their distributed workforces

·       Universal approach to payment gateway integration through our strategic payments partner, ClearAccept

ClearAccept adoption is a key strategic imperative for 2022 and we will be working closely and collaboratively with all our customers to migrate to this new standard of integrated payments, completely in tune with all of the Dynamics 365 platforms that support your organisations.

Thank you to all our customers and partners for your support in 2021. We look forward to working alongside you this year in support of your own 2022 objectives.

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